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BTL Cellutone

Saying Goodbye To Cellulite With
BTL Cellutone

With BTL Cellutone, patients achieve the improvement in skin texture they’re looking for with a noninvasive and comfortable effective treatment. With many patients experiencing visible cellulite reduction after their first treatment, it’s easy to see why many are flocking to this pain-free and non-schedule disrupting cellulite solution.

Cellulite is caused by interstitial fluid, and BTL Cellutone uses the power of targeted vibration to contribute to the elimination of cellulite’s main factors. These small mechanical vibrations enhance oxygen supply to affected areas, caused by an increased blood supply, which then removes the excess interstitial fluid through waste elimination.

The Right Candidate For BTL Cellutone

A broad range of candidates are the right candidate for BTL Cellutone. Ideally, BTL Cellutone is right for anyone of all age and skin types who are struggling with the appearance of cellulite, and are seeking a noninvasive and pain-free solution. BTL Cellutone meets strict safety standards, and is based on applying targeted vibrations to eliminate cellulite causing factors. Comfortable without anesthetic, BTL Cellutone is an all-around safe procedure.

Due to the noninvasive nature of BTL Cellutone, a person can undergo treatment and immediately return to all of their normal day to day activities. If desired, the treatment can be performed during a lunch break with the patient returning comfortably back to work immediately following.

What To Expect From BTL Cellutone

Some may see visible results from BTL Cellutone immediately following their first procedure, but others may need to wait a few months to see the treatment’s full results. A patient’s treatment plan with BTL Cellutone will be based on their specific need, but the average is a plan with between 4 and 6 sessions. These sessions are carried out over a period of a few weeks, with each session providing more dramatic visible results.