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Viora Reaction

The Viora REACTION™ is a radio frequency treatment for skin tightening, body contouring, and cellulite reduction. Its cutting-edge technology goes beyond the single radiofrequency treatments like Thermage®. The Viora Reaction difference is its multi-frequency channeling and vacuum capability. There is no other therapy that offers a deeper level of control and targeting. It is a completely non-invasive procedure with no surgery or injections.

The Viora REACTION™ stimulates collagen production. Its distinguished technology utilizes three poles of radiofrequency (RF) energies. It emits them at different frequencies for each layer of skin. The deeper the layer the greater the energy and frequency allowing for better penetration and results.

Our treatment is safe for all skin types and areas of your body. Depending on the level of skin tightening needed, 4-8 treatments scheduled 2-3 weeks apart are recommended. One maintenance treatment is recommended 4-6 months after completion of the treatment plan.

Reaction™ heats subcutaneous tissue layers to accomplish three things: increased blood circulation, increased collagen production for your skin and a “reaction” that shrinks fat cell volume.

Since the Viora Reaction™ is color blind, it can be performed on all skin types and colors, year-round! And unlike injections or fillers, Viora works on your entire face.

Viora for Body: Inner & Outer Thighs, Arms, Knees, Buttocks and Abdomen

Comfortably performed in our office, the Viora has little or no downtime. Treatment time will vary depending on the part of the face or body being treated and the size of the area. During body treatments, the pulse of thermal heat will be delivered; while the handpiece serves as a vacuum to increase the depth of the heat and to help move tryglycerides and fatty acids out of the fat cells to the lymph system.

Achieve skin tightening, body contouring, and cellulite reduction with treatments using the Viora reaction laser.