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Founded in 2014, Rejuvn8 is a European style private practice med spa clinic in Liverpool, New York (just a few miles north of Syracuse). Rejuvn8 offers cutting edge med spa clinic procedures, 3Dimensional Facial and Body Contouring, and Facial and Body rejuvenation. Treatments include digital fractional laser exfoliation and contouring, microdermabrasion, micro needling therapy with mesotherapy; muscle relaxation with precise injection of neurotoxin; 3 dimensional facial contouring with correction of volume loss with dermal fillers; bio stimulation and neocollagenesis, subdermal mesotherapy for volumizing and restoring of skin nutrients, and minimally invasive “facelift” repositioning of sagging and static skin with smooth and barbed PDO sutures.

Rejuvn8 Spa Clinic

4971 Bear Rd,
New York

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